Thursday, May 13, 2021

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The Future of Face Mask

Finding the right face mask In recent months there have been growing demands for a suitable face masks solution for those with disabilities. One which...

How Can Professionals Best Support Autistic Parents?

Recognition and support Over the last decade it has become more widely accepted that autism is hereditary,  with studies estimating that 80% of autistic people...

Are SEN cutbacks denying families’ rights?

As local authorities threaten further cuts to SEN and disability budgets, Samantha Hale looks at how parents’ rights will be affected  


The trials of securing a PDA diagnosis

Margaret Duncan reveals how identification of a little known syndrome opened up new possibilities for her child




Focus on speech and language therapists

Alison Hodson takes a look at the work of speech and language therapists

The right staff

Ian Hartwright provides some useful tips on how schools can attract and keep the best teachers

Stand out candidates

Hannah McDaid explains what special schools are looking for in teaching staff Every special school is unique and staffing demands can differ greatly from setting...

Adjust the job

It’s time to address the cause of the teacher shortage, not just its symptoms, writes Lord Jim Knight

Hiring teachers during a global pandemic

Recruitment is challenging and stressful at the best of times. When you combine this with the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it can...