Paralympic swimming scheme gets 2012 nod


A swimming project aimed at developing the talent of young swimmers with physical, sensory or intellectual disabilities has been given the London 2012 seal of approval. Swim Links, an initiative of the sport’s governing body, the ASA, has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark, which officially recognises projects that have been inspired by the Games.

From March 2011, the project will offer extra swimming sessions at venues across England to young people who are identified by schools as having “higher swimming ability”. Those who continue to impress can then have their skills officially assessed at an ASA County Athlete Assessment Day to see if they are good enough to make a regional Paralympic squad.

The ASA’s National Development Manager for Disability Swimming, Carole Barough, said: “Not only will this help us to find the swimming stars of the future but it will also help to improve the athlete’s own development.”

Swim Links is open to any young swimmer with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability and sessions will take place between March and July 2011.


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