People with autism fear for their future

94 per cent of parents are worried about their child with autism's future.

People with autism and their families say they are not receiving the help they need and are worried about their future.

A new report by the charity Autistica reveals that 73 per cent of adults with autism say they have received no specific help for their difficulties; 74 per cent of adults want support with their worries and stress, and 61 per cent want help with social difficulties.

Released to coincide with World Autism Awarness Day on 2 April, the One in a Hundred report asked over 1,000 parents and individuals with autism for their opinions and experiences of living with autism, the UK health system and what autism research priorities should be.

The study shows that 94 per cent of parents are worried about their child’s future, while half of parents, and 59 per cent of adults, who saw their GPs about autism reported the experience as negative.

The vast majority of parents (82 per cent) felt that more medical research would make a positive difference to their lives, with earlier diagnosis identified as the number one research priority.

The One in a Hundred report can be downloaded by clicking here.

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