New autism wristband

An example wristband designed by Tom Maynard

The London College of Fashion (LCF) is to showcase the launch of a wristband for people affected by autism. To celebrate World Autism Day on 2 April, charity MedicAlert will be launching three ID bracelets to support and protect people who are touched by autism.

The bands, designed by people affected by autism, communicate vital personal and medical details in an emergency or if a person with autism wanders or goes missing.

To help launch the bands, a unique photography exhibition is to be held at the LCF on 17 March.

The AK Autism Bands are named in honour of leading autism campaigner Anna Kennedy who was recently named Inspirational Woman of the Year by Samantha Cameron. “As a parent of two children with Autism”, says Mrs Kennedy, “I know exactly the anxiety and stress that is caused when person with autism disappears, gets injured or is in need of medical attention. Children with autism are often unable to communicate in such a situation. This new band is a wonderful innovation and will enable the emergency services and first-aiders to find out vital information when it matters.”

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