Transition guide for deaf teenagers


A new guide for professionals, aimed at smoothing the transition of deaf children from children’s to adult audiology services, has been published by the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS).

The guide, Quality standards in transition from paediatric to adult audiology services: guidelines for professionals working with deaf children and young people, provides guidelines to help professionals steer the deaf young people they work with through the process. It includes examples of best practice and signposts readers to other key resources.

The move from paediatric to adult audiology can be a daunting experience for deaf young people, often taking place at the same time as changes in their physical, psychological, social and educational development. Deaf young people may also be making the transition while taking exams, starting university or going into work for the first time.  These demands on teenagers can make the move to adult services even more challenging.

The NDCS guide is available free from:

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