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An ingenious new application (app) for the iPhone allows people to conduct their own hearing test by measuring their ability to hear speech when there is background noise. Simulating conditions that you might encounter in a crowded room, the scientifically verified test enables users to check that their hearing is within the normal range.

The app is the latest incarnation of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf’s (RNID’s) Hearing Check, which has had over half a million users to date. It is free to download and can be used on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. “This is a fantastic new way to encourage people to value their hearing and check it regularly,” says Jackie Ballard, Chief Executive of the RNID. “The Hearing Check application offers quick results and confidential advice from anywhere with a decent phone signal!”

The application is available from iTunes at: and in the App store on an iPhone.

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