Early years literacy in the spotlight

A new study will examine literacy in early years.

The National Literacy Trust is to launch a new research project into literacy in the early years. The aim is to better understand literacy development among three- to five-year-olds.

In June 2013, The Trust will be launching two new surveys, one aimed at parents and the other at practitioners. The surveys will examine what parents and practitioners do to support children’s language and literacy practices at home and at school, and the role of technology in early years literacy.

Selected schools will also be involved in in-depth research to explore the relationships between the home, school and children’s literacy abilities.

The project is part of wider work, funded by Pearson, to investigate parental and practitioner attitudes to literacy. The Trust plans to conduct annual surveys to track changes over time and help build a continuous picture of early years literacy in the UK.

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  1. I have seven children, six are autistic and the other is dyslexic. Two also have Cerebral Palsy. If I can be of assistance in your study please let me know ? Vikie Shanks

  2. Thanks Vikie, We’re not running the study, but I’ll pass on your details to the organisers at the National Literacy Trust.


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