Mobiles more popular than books


A new study has revealed that while 86 per cent of young people in the UK own a mobile phone, only 73 per cent have books of their own. The survey, by the National Literacy Campaign (NLC), also suggested a strong link between literacy and young people’s access to books. 80 per cent of children who read above the expected level for their age have books of their own, while only 58 per cent of those who read below their expected level have their own books.

The survey, of over 17,000 young people, further revealed that 93 per cent of those with their own books believe reading is important to succeed in life, compared to just 80 per cent of those who don’t have books of their own.

Speaking as the NLC launched its Tell Me a Story campaign in early June, the charity’s director, Jonathan Douglas, argued that the study highlighted a clear link between a child’s reading ability and the availability of literacy resources in the home. “By ensuring children have access to reading materials in the home families can help them to do well at school and to enjoy opportunities throughout their life”, said Mr Douglas.

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