Home life is crucial to literacy development


Family routines and parental influence are the most important factors affecting a child’s literacy development, according to a new campaign by the National Literacy Trust.

Through its Words for Life campaign, the charity aims to highlight the parental role in developing reading and comprehension, claiming that learning at home is a much better predictor of a child’s success than other factors, including family income.

New research conducted by the Trust reveals that a third of parents in the UK do not realise that they are the most important influence on their child’s language and literacy development. Around 15 per cent of parents believe that teachers have the biggest influence on these skills, while 14 per cent do not spend any time on a daily basis supporting their child’s reading and language development.

More than 90 per cent of parents did say, though, that they would like to spend more time helping their child with literacy skills.

The charity is making a range of resources and information available to parents, including activities for parents and children and guidance on developmental milestones. For more information, visit:

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