Teacher training needs SEN overhaul


England is being left behind by other leading nations because it is failing to make progress on tackling literacy, according to Dyslexia Action. The charity claims that 20 per cent of 11-year-olds are not achieving acceptable levels for reading, and literacy standards have not improved since 2005.

The charity is urging the Government to give the current teacher training programme an SEN overhaul so that schools can improve literacy assessments and provide effective support for those struggling with reading. Teachers should also be better prepared in SEN issues before they start work in schools.

“Until the educational system adequately responds to children with barriers to literacy learning, such as dyslexia, it is inevitable that large numbers of children will leave primary school without the basic skills needed to access the opportunities of secondary education,” says John Rack, Head of Policy and Research for Dyslexia Action.

Education Secretary Michael Gove announced in a recent BBC interview that ten per cent of children are dyslexic. However, many of these children are not being identified at school, Dr Rack claims, and some schools are not able to provide appropriate interventions and support.

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