Title: Dyslexia and Success: The Winning Formulas


The author of this book is on a mission to get a copy into every state secondary school, sixth form college and young offenders’ institutions throughout the UK. 

In the first section, she introduces the reader to 20 inspiring role models, who share their ‘winning formulas’ , their life-stories and their advice to others. These role models come from diverse backgrounds and have forged careers in fields including politics, sport, the arts and journalism.

Other sections of the book cover:

  • Tips for parents
  • Top tops for teachers, provided by teachers
  • Successful strategies for 1:1 interventions
  • An overview of current knowledge about dyslexia (contributed by Dr Anna Pitt)
  • Sources of help and information 

Cousins writes with passion, and with a family history of dyslexia to inform her work. She is strongly committed to encouraging a positive approach to thinking about dyslexia, through celebrating successes and recognising that there are many strengths that can be identified and nurtured. 

This book could be an inspiration for some students and a source of support for schools and families looking for strategies that can change lives.

Title: Dyslexia and Success: The Winning Formulas
Author: K. Cousins
ISBN: 978-1-883822-890-3
£39.99 (colour photo edition) £14.99 (without)

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