Why Is He Still Here?


This is a unique book in many ways, as it is a memoir providing insight into the life of one young person with Autism, Dyspraxia and ADHD, and his experiences in the education system and the digital world. Max Toper is now eighteen years old, and in this book he vividly describes his own childhood and the barriers he has faced in many aspects of his young life. 

The book opens with images and recounts of his time in playgroup and infant school, where there were often confrontations with other children and ‘behavioural issues’. 

This continued through into his secondary education, where he discovered a love of gaming and an alternative digital world: Galactic Conquest. Here he is respected and powerful, but his experiences are often somewhat explosive and expressed in strong language.

This book is a huge achievement and, as a young adult, Max has every right to feel proud of what he has achieved. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I suspect that won’t bother him and he clearly aims to still be here for a considerable time. He is to be commended for his persistence and tenacity and in shining a light on how one young individual experiences his life.

Author: M. Toper
Price: £10.00
Price: E-Book: £3.39

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