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Researchers in New Zealand have discovered a drug which repairs hearing loss suffered as a result of exposure to load noise. The team at the University of Auckland found that after treatment with a compound called ADAC, post-noise hearing damage recovered substantially.
The study, funded by UK charity the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID), found that a five day course of daily injections starting six hours after exposure to noise provided the most effective treatment. Single injections, while resulting in some hearing recovery, were less effective.
The research team believe that the drug works by increasing the sensory hair cell's ability to break down damaging waste products created during exposure to noise. However, the team are keen to point out that test are still in their early stages. Lead researcher Dr Srdjan Vlajkovic said: “We now hope to test its [ADAC’s] effectiveness in humans and are currently seeking industry partners to move this to clinical trials.”

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