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Schools are to be given more power to manage the performance of teaching staff and deal with poorly performing teachers. The Department for Education (DfE) has announced plans for significant reductions in bureaucracy which it claims will lead to a fairer system for dealing with struggling teachers.

The Government claims that its new measures will “scrap about 60 pages of unnecessary guidance” and introduce simpler performance management regulations, which will set a few basic requirements and remove many restrictions (including the so-called "three hour observation rule”), and leave other decisions to schools. Schools will also be able to remove teachers who are not performing at appropriate levels much more quickly than under current arrangements. The DfE has also clarified that staff illness need not bring disciplinary processes to a halt.

Education Secretary Michael Gove MP said that heads and teachers want a simpler and faster system to deal with teachers who are struggling. “For far too long, schools have been trapped in complex red tape. We must deal with this problem in order to protect the interests of children”, he said. “Schools must be given the responsibility to deal with this fairly and quickly.”

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