SEN Newsletter October 2023

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Feature topics include:
  • CReSTed/Dyslexia
  • Post-16 options
  • Specialist furniture
  • Assistive technology
  • Sensory issues
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Outdoor activities
  • SEN provision overseas
  • Yoga
  • Hearing Impairment
  • CBD and SEND
  • Selective mutism
  • SEND Relationships
and much more...

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Featured Organisations

Featured organisation

Timotay Playscapes Creating inspirational sensory playgrounds, outdoor spaces and playground equipment, providing nurturing, rehabilitating and inclusive environments. Using natural materials and creative thinking they offer unrivalled outdoor space solutions tailored to your needs. All products are manufactured in-house for quality and longevity. Sensory outdoor play solutions are also available to buy. Looking for funding, request your FREE funding guide.

T G Escapes TG Escapes design eco-buildings that are sensitive to the environment and net-zero in operation to save energy and money in the long term. They connect the inside to out providing natural light and easy access to the outdoors. They stand alone and can be self-contained including treatment, sensory and breakout rooms. Modular offsite construction keeps costs low and timescales short.

Bruern Abbey Bruern Abbey is a leading independent day and boarding school exclusively for boys with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. The Prep School (8-13yrs) in Oxfordshire guides boys through the common entrance exams whilst the Senior School (13-16yrs) in Buckinghamshire, will aid boys through their GCSE exams.

LVS Oxford LVS Oxford is a specialist school for boys and girls aged 11 to 19 with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. It aims to enable students to realise their full potential and become independent individuals who are confident and successful, leaving the school able to enjoy independent futures in jobs or further mainstream education.

CPD, Training and Events

Due to Covid-19 please check before visiting any event

ONGOING CPD and Training opportunities

Autism Accreditation
Online modules
The Autism Accreditation Programme is UK’s only autism specific quality assurance programme of support and development for all those providing services to autistic people.

Women and Girls
This training module can be done at your own pace, it aims to support professionals identify women and girls.

Autism and the sensory experience
This training module explores how people respond to information from the senses and how this can differ with autistic people.

Autism, Sport and Physical activity
Recognizing and understanding the key areas of difficulty experienced by both the participants and the session leaders is vital to providing effective support.

Autism : Supporting families
This online training module explores providing support for people on the autism spectrum and their families. Learners will discover the experiences of families, consider common difficulties and acquire effective approaches for support.

Managing Money
Free course to assist learners to recognise their strengths as well as the challenges they may expereience with managing their money.

Finding employment
Our employment module is designed to support autistic adults and young people with the process of applying for work, interviewing tips, and starting work.

ICEP Europe Online CPD Courses
Supporting teachers online since 2001, our fully online part time professional development courses cover a range of areas of special education. Our next self-paced term runs from 9th October until 3rd December and will give you the tools to get the most out of your students.
Enrol today!

CPD Webinars by Trauma Informed Schools and Centre for Child Mental Health
A wealth of webinars on child mental health by eminent authors and psychologists including Dan Hughes and Margot Sunderland. For your whole school or organisation or single views.

LIVE EVENTS: CPD, Training and Exhibitions

9 October 2023
Online training
Post Graduate certificate in autism
The course gives you in-depth understanding of autism and some of the associated issues. It provides insight into how to develop appropriate support for individuals and examples of appropriate professional practice across all disciplines.

10 October 2023
Online Event
Festival of Inclusive Education
A free PD event designed to celebrate SEN and inclusion. Enjoy a full day of talks, panel discussions and expert Q&As. You’ll leave with all the tools and skills you need to bring teaching and learning to life for all.

10 and 18 October 2023
Online event
Goldsmiths, University of London and Artsmark Award
Find out how Artsmark and their training provider Goldsmiths, University of London, can support you to embed creativity in your classroom at one of these free webinars.

12 October 2023
Livestream Event
Using storytelling and story listening as a therapeutic tool with children
Thursday event
Presented by Margot Sunderland
The Centre for Child Mental Health
17:00 - 18.30 | Cost £20 + Eventbrite booking fee
T: 020 7354 2913

13-14 October 2023
The Business Design Centre, London
Register now for the Tes SEND Show. Join the SEND community for two packed days of learning, sharing and connecting as SEND experts, education professionals and exhibitors from across the UK are brought together at the UK’s leading SEND show.

14 October 2023
Live Conference Event - London Art House, 2-18 Britannia Row, London, N1 8PA
People who’ve changed the face of infant and child mental health interventions in the 21st century (Part One)
Saturday event
Presented by Dr Dan Hughes, Dr Jeanne Magagna, Dr Graham Music & Dr Margot Sunderland
The Centre for Child Mental Health
10:00 - 17.00 | Cost £45 + Eventbrite booking fee (*Lunch included)
T: 020 7354 2913

19 October 2023
Livestream Event
Working with children and young people who self-harm with reference to eating disorders
Thursday event
Presented by Lynne Davis
The Centre for Child Mental Health
17:00 - 18.30 | Cost £20 + Eventbrite booking fee
T: 020 7354 2913

1 November 2023
Manchester Central, Manchester
Kidz to Adult Exhibition - North
9.30am to 4.30pm.
An inclusive, vibrant space where people are supported on their journey!
Dedicated to children and young people with disabilities or additional needs and the people that support them.
100+ exhibitors . CPD seminars . Support & services . Networking . Everyone welcome.
Register for FREE

2 November 2023
Livestream Event
A Mentalizing approach for excluded, underserved and risky adolescents whose help-seeking is non-conventional
Thursday event
Presented by Dr Dickon Bevington
The Centre for Child Mental Health
17:00 - 18.30 | Cost £20 + Eventbrite booking fee
T: 020 7354 2913

7-8 November 2023
Online training
Autism and continence
This course will focus on the common toileting difficulties in autistic children.

14 November
Online training
Understanding autism in the workplace
Strategies for managers and colleagues. This course will increase participants’ understanding of autism and develop their confidence in identifying and implementing reasonable adjustments for their autistic colleagues.

14-15 November 2023
Online training
Autism and SPELL in higher education
This course builds your knowledge of autism and how to support autistic students at university. The content is based around SPELL, which is a framework for understanding and responding to autistic people’s needs.

14-16 November 2023
Online training
Teen Life licensed user training
This licensed user training is for professionals to support parents and carers of young autistic people aged 10 to 16.

14-16 November 2023
Online training
Essential Autism Licence user
This training licences autism experienced professionals to deliver Essential Autism course to their staff teams.

16 November 2023
Livestream Event
Exploring the impact of race and working with refugees
Thursday event
Presented by Sheetal Amin
The Centre for Child Mental Health
17:00 - 18.30 | Cost £20 + Eventbrite booking fee
T: 020 7354 2913

22-23 November 2023
Lorna Wing Centre, Elliot House, Bromley, Kent, BR2 9HT
The DISCO Training (Part 1)
The Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO) training is for clinical professionals who want to develop their clinical practice in assessing and diagnosing autism spectrum disorder.

23 November 2023
Livestream Event
Supporting Voice Hearers: Recovery and Discovery
Thursday event
Presented by Dr Eleanor Longden
The Centre for Child Mental Health
17:00 - 18.30 | Cost £20 + Eventbrite booking fee
T: 020 7354 2913

27-28 November 2023
Online training
Understanding Stress and anxiety in autism
Stress and anxiety affect many autistic children and adults, causing significant distress that may be expressed in ways that challenge the person and others who struggle to understand them.

5-7 December 2023
Online training
Autism and SPELL Licensed User Training
The Autism and SPELL Licensed User Training is a three-day training course that licenses autism experienced professionals to deliver the Autism and SPELL course to their staff teams.

5 February 2024
Online training
Autism and eating challenges
This course will focus on understanding and supporting autistic children with eating challenges.