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ADHD and sleep

Jade Taktak and Mark Chapman look at sleep – the process and the issues. We need good sleep to live and function optimally. The brain...

An exercise in social skills

Sport offers girls with autism a great opportunity to connect with their peers, writes Vicci Wells

Unstructured times are the worst!

Karen Ferguson provides some simple ideas to help pupils with autism during break and transition times at school

Bottoms Up!

Jennifer O’Toole explains what Maria Von Trap and trapezoids can teach us about kids with Asperger’s

Baby brain scans could predict autism

The brain responses of young infants may be used to identify individuals who are more likely to develop autism. Research at Birkbeck, University of London’s...

Book Reviews

Neurodiversity and Education

The authors of this publication combine extensive experience in the fields of education, neurodiversity, teacher training, tutoring and consultancy. Paul Ellis broadcasts regularly on...