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In this story by Betsy Griffin, Betsy and Clementine the puppy are making their way home through the forest.

Betsy Griffin
Author: Betsy Griffin

Betsy Griffin
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This is nine year old Betsy Griffin. Betsy was diagnosed with a tumour on her optic nerve at the age of two which has left her blind. She has endured far more than most adults ever experience, and all with a smile on her face, and while trying to share that smile and zest for life with as many people as she can in the process. Betsy wrote Out of the Woods: A tale of positivity, kindness and courage when she was seven, and it is now being published as a book. It's a special collection of wisdom and life lessons from a remarkable person who teaches us how to face our struggles with courage and determination. She shows us that anything is possible.

Out of the Woods is published by HQ in paperback, 28 February 2024, £9.99


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