Managing Stress and Distress


How to Help, Understand and Support Children and Young People

Stan Godek is the Founder and Director of a training and consultancy network of experts working with schools, nurseries and other settings. Having developed a wide range of techniques and exercises designed to help young people manage their emotions more effectively, he now explains how the application of mindfulness techniques aid self-regulation and learning.

The author points out that stress has a survival function and that a moderate level of stress can be beneficial, keeping us alert and increasing awareness of the environment. However, given the impact of the recent pandemic, he identifies that stress reduction has become increasingly important in supporting young people. Each chapter includes key points, the view from an expert and a closing summary that draws the main points together. Tips and strategies support, for example, the enhancement of primary school environments, transitions to adolescence and the use of meditation. This is a practical and informative guide to stress management that combines the management of short term distress with a long term focus on developing resilience and calmness.

Author: S. Godek
Publisher: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-80388-091-4

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