Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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A better deal for children with cerebral palsy

Amanda Richardson looks at how we can provide families living with cerebral palsy with the support they so desperately need

Campaigners stress AAC users’ right to speak

A campaign is aiming to help people understand the needs of individuals who may have difficulties as a result of impaired or no speech...

High hopes

 Marion Stanton looks at how we can help students with cerebral palsy to realise their potential

A cry for help

Jane Raca describes her family’s struggle to get assistance with their severely disabled son when they could no longer cope

My life with cerebral palsy

Simon Stevens had to fight to get a mainstream education and is proud of what his cerebral palsy has helped him achieve

Special solutions

Ed Turner makes the case for special schools in the education of children with cerebral palsy

The day that changed our lives

Lynsey Summers tells of how she received the diagnosis of her son’s cerebral palsy from a most unusual source

Driving ambition

Undeterred by his cerebral palsy, Lewis Hamilton’s younger brother has embarked on his own career as a racing driver. SEN’s Peter Sutcliffe talks to Nic Hamilton

When words fail

Andrew Brereton speaks out about language development problems faced by children with cerebral palsy 

Cerebral palsy: no barrier to ambition

Ben Cropper's dream of becoming a professional sports journalist is not limited by his cerebral palsy. Here, Ben talks to Cath Mercer about the future and his story so far