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Deaf young people can’t see first deaf superhero on screen due...

Half of UK cinemas did not screen The Eternals with subtitles during its opening week.Not a single UK cinema showed the film with subtitles...

Supporting deaf learners

Emma Fraser looks at the barriers deaf children face at school, and how they can be overcome The term “deaf” refers to all levels...

Driving attainment for deaf children

Ann Bradbury looks at what schools can do to stop deaf pupils falling ever further behind their hearing peers

Signs of learning

Cath Smith explores the role of British Sign Language in education and looks at how it differs from other signing systems around the world

Helping deaf pupils to learn

Ian Noon outlines the role of Teachers of the Deaf in supporting pupils with hearing impairments

Hearing, learning and Down’s syndrome

Stuart Mills looks at the effects of hearing impairment on children with Down’s syndrome, and what teachers can do to help

I’m Unique!

Kaye Stevenson looks at how to meet the needs and aspirations of deaf learners with additional SEN

Meeting complex needs

Steve Rose examines how changes in the law are affecting those who support children with multi-sensory impairments

Deaf children slip further behind in GCSEs

Only just over a third of deaf children (36.3 per cent) in England have left secondary school having hit national GCSE benchmarks, according to...

Signs of the times

Users of British Sign Language (BSL) are being faced with unprecedented change in their language BSL is a rich, naturally evolving language, where the signs...

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