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Supporting deaf learners

Emma Fraser looks at the barriers deaf children face at school, and how they can be overcome The term “deaf” refers to all levels...

Driving attainment for deaf children

Ann Bradbury looks at what schools can do to stop deaf pupils falling ever further behind their hearing peers

Helping deaf pupils to learn

Ian Noon outlines the role of Teachers of the Deaf in supporting pupils with hearing impairments

Sound advice

Antonette Burns and Mary Gordon provide a practical guide to helping pupils with hearing impairments in the classroom

Deaf Sports Personality of the Year

The first Deaf Sports Personality of the Year Award will be announced in a ceremony at Wembley Stadium on 27 November 2010. The Award...

Check your hearing with iPhone app

An ingenious new application (app) for the iPhone allows people to conduct their own hearing test by measuring their ability to hear speech when...

Tinnitus Awareness Week announced

Tinnitus Awareness Week, previously known as National Tinnitus Week, will take place between 8 - 14 February 2010. The week, organised by independent charity...

Paul Newman Foundation supports RNID

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People has received a donation of over $10,000 from the Paul Newman Foundation. The money, from the late...

NDCS launch Fingerspellathon

The National Deaf Children’s Society is launching the UK’s biggest ever Fingerspellathon campaign. Teachers across the UK are invited to join the campaign which...

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