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A sense of wonder

Gareth Jones and Sheena Hardwick discuss the importance of sensory equipment in promoting educational development

Meeting complex needs

Steve Rose examines how changes in the law are affecting those who support children with multi-sensory impairments

Feeding the senses

Sensory rooms offer untold opportunities for stimulation, communication and social interaction, write JoAnn Hurst and Lana Bestbier

Sensory communication

Sandra Ferne looks at the use of multi-sensory therapy to develop communication skills in those with complex disabilities

Turn me on

Whether stimulating the senses or aiding relaxation, multi-sensory rooms offer real opportunities for learning, says Lynne Westwood

Sensory adventures

Multi-sensory environments provide invaluable opportunities for personal development and empowerment, and they can play a vital role in the curriculum, says Suzanne Little

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