Friday, April 16, 2021
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Creating a “Perfect Environment” at home in 8 easy steps!

Okay, I will admit  there is no such thing as a “perfect environment”, especially after the crude introduction of Covid-19 restrictions, but we can...

The Challenges of Being an Autistic Mother with Autistic Children

Alicia Trautwein discovered that she was autistic as an adult. Now, she is navigating life with four children, three of whom also have autism.  As...

When judgement becomes a pattern

Bonnie talks about her struggle as a parent to help her son, Lewis, fit in, as he does not look ‘autistic enough’.  Autism was not...

Potty Training with SEN

Potty training expert Amanda Jenner discusses various tips and tricks to aid with potty training young children with SEN. A lot of children with Special...

Parents need support too

Jo Griffin looks at ways to help manage the stress of parenting a child with SEN and disabilities

Parenting Asperger’s

Dorothy Gallagher recounts the small steps that helped her son negotiate school

Parental guidance required

Stephanie Nimmo asks why the NHS considers her son to be an adult when he can’t and doesn’t want to make decisions about his healthcare

Battling the LEA: a parent speaks out

Parent Suzanne Buckner asks just what parents have to do to get a meaningful education for their child with SEN