Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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The right to mainstream education

Douglas Silas outlines the legal duties relating to mainstream provision for pupils with SEN There is a general requirement under the law for local authorities...

Improving AAC provision

The I-ASC research team outline an ongoing study into providing appropriate communication aids for children who are non speaking

Janice Murray1, Yvonne Lynch1, Liz Moulam1, Stuart Meredith1, Juliet Goldbart1, Simon Judge2, Nicola Randall2, David Meads3, Edward Webb3, Stephane Hess3 and Helen Whittle1.

1Manchester Metropolitan University, 2Barnsley Assistive Technology Service – Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, 3University of Leeds.

What can students with SEN expect from their college?

Specialist SEN solicitor Douglas Silas explains the requirements on colleges to support students with SEN