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A personal sense of winning

Mike Dale on the Outstanding Achievement Awards. The pandemic had a catastrophic impact on activity levels. This hit pupils with SEND hardest, as they already...

Looking after what we can’t see

David Swanston really digs gardening. Gardening activities are a great way to facilitate learning for children and young people with SEND, and the benefits are...

Forest School: Overcoming educational barriers for young people with autism

Stephanie Smith and Catriona Henson take to the outdoors At The Cavendish School, our students are driven to succeed, but are unable to thrive in...

Developing skills through the SEN curriculum

Jayne Bennion discusses the role of skills and aptitudes in the curriculum for children with SEN

Book Reviews

Neurodiversity and Education

The authors of this publication combine extensive experience in the fields of education, neurodiversity, teacher training, tutoring and consultancy. Paul Ellis broadcasts regularly on...