Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Crisis? What crisis?

Vicky Short questions the Government’s commitment to tackling the escalating problem of teacher recruitment

A nose for leadership

Strong school leaders are like good wine, they mature with age and experience, writes Joanne Harper

Adjust the job

It’s time to address the cause of the teacher shortage, not just its symptoms, writes Lord Jim Knight

A competitive edge

Jarrod Gaines looks at how schools can find and attract the best teachers

Teaching time-bomb

We need to fight the teacher shortage before it’s too late, says Jenny Rollinson

Squaring up to teacher shortage

 After years of teachers struggling to find jobs, is a new staffing crisis just around the corner? John Howson investigates

UK teacher shortage predicted

The UK will face a shortfall of around 128,000 teachers by 2050 because of an ageing workforce, skills shortages and restrictive migration policies, says...