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Challenge accepted

Jamie Bruce Jones discusses how to create robust and long-lasting solutions which challenge and inspire. The greatest benefit of outdoor play is independence. Outdoor play...

Accessible days out

There are plenty of accessible and fun days out for all the family, says Nigel Steele. Days out should be fun, exciting and stress-free, however,...

Point of view: parent

Stereotypes, time-machines and Frida Kahlo When able-bodied people think about wheelchairs, what associations do they make? My guess is that words like adventure, exploration and...

Sitting comfortably?

Peter Wingrave on specialist seating for SEND settings. The average person spends a third of their day sitting. We all know, from personal experience, how...

Wheelchair skills training

Pete Donnelly has been using a wheelchair for 15 years. Here he tells us about his experience of wheelchair skills and what motivated him...

Are you sitting comfortably?

Ailsa Reston highlights the importance of healthy posture for young wheelchair users 

Manual handling FAQs

Kate Lovett answers common questions about risk assessments in schools and care settings

Freedom to move

How can we ensure that mobility solutions promote independence, rather than hindering a child’s development? Julianna Arva explains all

Wheels of fortune

Inappropriate wheelchair provision can hinder a child’s development. Ruth Owen looks at how to give mobility impaired children what they need, when they need it

Living the dream: the history of wheelchair sport

Martin McElhatton chronicles the history of wheelchair sport and highlights the need for a positive legacy from the London 2012 Paralympics

Book Reviews

When things go wrong at work

It's not easy being an autistic employee. Debby Elley and Maura Campbell know. Okay, so you've made a mistake. Or something hasn't gone your way...