Children in care are not being heard


Only roughly half of children in care believe they can influence the care they receive, claims the latest report by Roger Morgan, the Children’s Rights Director.

The third annual Children’s Care Monitor report provides children’s own assessments of social care in England. Of the 1,123 children who responded to the survey, 53 per cent of children who are in care or live away from home believe they have a say in what happens to them. When they are able to voice their views, only 51 per cent said it made a difference to decisions made about their lives, while 15 per cent said that their opinions did not make a difference.

This year’s report has found little change on this issue from those of the previous two years. Mr Morgan said that “still not enough is being done to ensure children are consulted on what happens to their lives and that their opinions are considered and can make a difference to decisions made”.

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