Autism, Bullying and Me: The Really Useful Stuff You Need to Know About Coping Brilliantly With Bullying


Author: E. Lovegrove
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-78775-213-9
Price: £12.99

Emily Lovegrove is a lecturer and leader of many workshops on anti-bullying strategies. In her private practice, she works mainly with autistic children and young adults and she is the author of ‘Help I’m Being Bullied’. In this book, she writes from the perspective of being an autistic adult and makes a plea for people to be loved and respected for who they are, rather than having to pretend to be something they are not.

In this book, Lovegrove draws on the input from 2 teenagers, who read and commented on drafts of the book, as well as contributors from autistic people through social media. She explains that this is intended to be a ‘massively positive’ book, aimed primarily at 10-16 year olds. This is reflected in the format of the book and its use of reader friendly language. Chapters include: ‘Am I Normal?,’ ‘What is Bullying?,’ ‘How To Calm Down So You Can Think Clearly,’ ‘Depression ….. And Worse’ and ‘Three More Useful Anti-Bullying Strategies’.

The overall tone of this short text is upbeat and reassuring and it encourages the reader to experiment with strategies to engage with others and to become more aware of their own individual strengths. She stresses the importance of recognising the difference between being ‘average’ and being ‘normal’ and explores some common facts and myths about bullying. 

The book also includes links to resources such as supportive books and organisations.

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