Avoiding Anxiety in Autistic Children


Dr Beardon has been working in the field of autism for decades, in capacities ranging from practitioner to researcher to trainer and lecturer. He is currently a senior lecturer in autism at Sheffield Hallam University, and he has been the recipient of several awards, including the Inspirational Teacher Award and has co-edited five books on autism and Asperger syndrome. This book is one of a series of short publications for ‘Overcoming Common Problems’. 

Chapters include: ‘Understanding anxiety’; ‘Sensory issues and anxiety’; ‘Social challenges, bullying and wellbeing’; ‘Happy parents’; and ‘Things to think about saying ( or not saying) when someone is anxious’. The book focuses on an accepting, practical and celebratory approach, whilst  not minimising the difficulties an unsympathetic environment can present. It is a deeply thoughtful text that explains the ways in which some people with autism and Asperger syndrome may experience daily events more acutely than others and how this can be minimised through appreciating common situations where these can arise. In terms of school routines, Beardon outlines how aspects of school life can be managed, including interactions with other children and managing lack of staff understanding about the individual needs of a child: Not all children with autism  are  the same.In the closing chapters, the author addresses the role of the physical and social and communicative environments and stresses how important it is that all possible accommodations are made to support the learner to avoid potentially longer term psychiatric complications. Dr Beard is a popular and respected expert and this book is a practical and readable resource for people living or working with children with neurodiversity. 

Author: Dr L. Beardon. Publisher: Sheldon Press (An imprint of John  Murray Press). ISBN: 978-1-529-39476-4. Price: £10.99. Buy the book here. For more books about autistic children and anxiety, click here and here.

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