Practical Activities and Ideas For Parents Of Dyslexic Kids and Teens


The authors have extensive experience in the fields of literacy, dyslexia, learning skills and mindfulness. In this book, they have compiled 70 activities to boost dyslexic learners’ reading, writing, spelling and executive functioning, as well as emotional well-being, memory and social communication.

The book is aimed at supporting parents of children with a wide range of ages and opens with an overview of dyslexia that answers some common questions, drawing on some current research and explaining what to expect from an assessment and subsequent diagnosis.

The activities follow a format that integrates a multisensory approach and provides clear instructions,  rationale,and worked examples,  as well as highlighting why the activity is particularly relevant to the dyslexic student.

Activity Framework
Good for…. 
Time Frame
Teaching tip
Word toolbox
Additional resources/ideas

The Appendix includes photocopiable resources to support the activities and sheets that can be completed to structure daily routines and checklists. There is a recognition that some dyslexic learners struggle with organisation, time-management and memory, and these sheets will aid parents in managing home/ school life more effectively and will less stress.

This is a very useful resource that would be of value to parents, tutors and schools. The activities are appealing and nurture a positive attitude towards learning. 

Authors: G. Reid, M. McIntosh and J. Clark
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-78775-761-5
Price: £16.99

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