Navigating the legal landscape around SEN placements

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An artist's impression of Abbey School, the SEND school mentioned in the article

Securing the best possible placements for a child with Special Educational Needs (SEN) is key to ensuring their needs are met and their potential is nurtured and developed by experts with the appropriate training and resources.

Where to place a child with SEN is a highly personal choice. It may need to take into account a number of factors including location and available provision. Parents often need to be proactive and resilient and learn about the legal landscape around SEN provision to ensure their children’s rights to specialist education are upheld.

For parents just beginning the journey, it can seem like a challenging and complex landscape to navigate. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that children with SEN have a right to receive special educational provision.

In order to help parents to understand the legal landscape around SEN provision, Abbey School for Exceptional Children in Chester recently invited two experts to explore this issue. They are Steve Broach, a renowned Public Lawyer with expertise in education, disability and children’s rights and Dr Julie O’Sullivan – a leading Educational Consultant with decades of experience working in special education. These two experts will explore this issue on a podcast.

Drawing on their decades of specialist experience, Steve and Julie unpack the issue and offer their insights and guidance. This is an outstanding resource for parents struggling to understand their children’s rights and the legal processes around securing the appropriate education placements.

Listen to the full podcast on special educational rights and placements here. For more SEN resources, click here.

An artist's impression of Abbey School, the SEND school mentioned in the article
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