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March/April 2018 issue (SEN93)

Dr Gavin Reid, Educational Psychologist, Dysguise Ltd, UK; REACH Learning Centre, Vancouver and CCET, Kuwait
and Dr. Jennie Guise, Practitioner Psychologist, Dysguise Ltd, UK
Assessing dyslexia – identifying the barriers to learning. The article will discuss the issues young people with dyslexia face in relation to learning and how these can be overcome. The authors will take a broad approach to assessment and discuss the implications and impact of this for intervention.

World Autism Awareness Day

Featuring contributions from senior figures in the National Autistic Society, Ambitious About Autism and Autistica
Ahead of World Autism Awareness Day (2 April 2018), three of the UK’s leading autism charities will discuss the importance of autism awareness and understanding and the key issues their organisations will be focussing on around April’s global autism event(s).


Ian Hartwright, former lead of the School Inspection Policy team at Ofsted and current Senior Policy Adviser at NAHT
The article will provide tips for school leaders on how to improve recruitment and will reference the NAHT’s recent survey on teacher recruitment and retention.


Jo Alesbrook, ADHD Specialist Coach
The article will include some facts and figures about ADHD, especially concerning school and provide a brief outline of the executive functions and how they are affected by the condition. It will also include some basic strategies to use in the classroom/whole school and discuss inattentiveness as an important factor that is often missed, especially if it is not accompanied by hyperactivity and impulsivity (often not recognised in girls).

Accessible vehicles
Liam O’Connor, Access A Bus Sales UK
The article will discuss the benefits of buying a new and a used accessible vehicle, how it is essential to view and test drive before you buy as well as discussing the wheelchair equipment that is essential for an accessible vehicle.

Tourette’s syndrome

Suzanne Dobson, Chief Executive, Tourette’s Action
The article will explain how to help a child mange tics in the classroom and the importance of discussing their tics with pupils to find appropriate solutions.

Learning outside the classroom
Peter Westgarth, Chief Executive of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
The piece will highlight some of the main benefits of taking learning outdoors for young people with special educational needs.

Transition to HE
Caroline Butterwick, post graduate student and disability support worker
The feature will give advice on helping students transition to HE, from applying for Disabled Students' Allowances to getting used to the campus and developing independent living skills, such as learning to cook. It will also look at what support is available from universities' disability teams.

Twenty-five-year-old Caroline is a postgraduate student who has a disability. She has previously worked in disability support at two universities.

Performing arts and SEN

Belinda Ellicott, Dance Teacher and Music Leader, Victoria School, Poole

The article will look at how the performing arts can be used to inspire and motivate learners with SEN, even at a time of arts education cuts.

Multi-sensory issues
Becky Lyddon, Founder of Sensory Spectacle
Sensory processing disorder impacts the way someone will interact and engage with their environment. The piece will argue that it is important we are familiar with identifying characteristics which can relate to some of these processing difficulties in order for us to be able to provide appropriate and personalised support. It will include some familiar characteristics and what we can understand from them relating to sensory needs.

Respite care/short breaks
Amanda Batten, CEO of the charity Contact

The article will discuss the importance of short breaks services for families with disabled children – what short breaks are, how they help families and the cost to the state if they didn’t exist, and the future of short breaks.

SEN law column

Douglas Silas, Douglas Silas Solicitors
In the second of a two part feature, Douglas Silas continues his in-depth look at the law in relation to education, health and care (EHC) plans.

 The articles above are scheduled to appear in the above mentioned issue of SEN Magazine. Please note, though, that we cannot guarantee to include specific articles in specific issues.

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