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Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Jenny Herd explains how non-verbal communication can be a vital skill. Having a child with no functional speech creates challenges and issues that are not...

Looking forward with AAC

Beccy Timbers and Kate Duggan explore the difference communication aids can make to users’ everyday lives and future life chances

Improving AAC provision

The I-ASC research team outline an ongoing study into providing appropriate communication aids for children who are non speaking

Janice Murray1, Yvonne Lynch1, Liz Moulam1, Stuart Meredith1, Juliet Goldbart1, Simon Judge2, Nicola Randall2, David Meads3, Edward Webb3, Stephane Hess3 and Helen Whittle1.

1Manchester Metropolitan University, 2Barnsley Assistive Technology Service – Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, 3University of Leeds.

Finding a voice

Jenny Herd looks at the range of systems, from high-tech to no-tech, that help children without speech to communicate

Working backwards

Finding the right assistive solutions for those with CP should start with what they want to achieve, write Helen Cronshaw and Hannah Golding

Funding crisis in disabled children’s services

More than half of local authorities have cut spending on short breaks for families with disabled children since 2011/12, says new research published by...

Without a voice

Thousands of children may be missing out on the right to communicate. Cathy Harris assesses the implications of a landmark AAC report

AAC provision is not meeting need

More than 20,000 people in the UK may be living without access to a powered communication aid that would enable them to communicate more...

Bringing AAC expertise together

A new website seeks to empower the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) community to improve services and support for people with speech difficulties. Targeted at...

New model for AAC provision

A new model for delivering augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) equipment to those who have difficulty speaking is being championed by AAC specialists Communication Matters. Welcoming...

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