Friday, May 7, 2021
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Schools and adoption

Rebecca Brooks reveals what a major new report says about the educational experiences of adopted children with SEN

Family ties

Chris Burton talks to an adoptive father about the rewards and challenges of adopting siblings with SEN

What’s it like to be adopted?

Chris Burton talks to a group of young people working to promote greater understanding of the needs of adopted children in school

In a class of their own

Jennifer Nock describes how one school put its resolve to provide effective, lasting support to pupils with attachment issues into practice

Learning to love

To mark National Adoption Week, Chris Burton talks to Claire Brasier, adoptive mum of two children with SEN

Home and away: adoption and attachment

A parent explains how the school helped her adopted children to integrate and manage their behaviour

Forging a bond

In the first of two articles, a parent explains how keeping her adopted siblings off school helped them develop positive relationships with all concerned

Can’t learn, not won’t learn

Attachment problems can wreak havoc on a child’s education, but there is much schools can do to help, writes Nicola Marshall

Meet the parents

Children with SEN can be the hardest to place into adoption, yet they offer uniquely fulfilling relationships for families, writes Jane Elston

New funding for foster carer recruitment

The Children's Minister Edward Timpson has announced new funding to help promote foster caring. Speaking at the National Fostering Agency Group's annual conference in Coventry,...