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Loving and giving

Anna Sharkey on becoming an adopter. People are motivated to adopt for many reasons such as infertility, wanting to grow their family by providing a...

The long wait for a home

According to Jenny MacQuire, children with disabilities often wait the longest for adoption. There are about two thousand children waiting for adoption in England, and...

SEN126 : September/October 2023

Read SEN Magazine SEN126 : Sept/Oct 2023 here I’m a big fan of September, with a touch of autumn in the air and a sense...

Neurodivergence and adoption

The most effective way to support a neurodivergent child is to understand what makes them different, says Dr Gemma North Neurodiversity is a term increasingly...

A sense of belonging

As part of her masters thesis Stefanie Pearce studied the experiences of children who were looked-after or adopted at a trauma-informed school. Eliza attends a...

SEN120 : Sept/Oct 2022

Read SEN Magazine SEN120: Sept/Oct 2022 here If you only read one article in this issue, please make sure it’s James’s moving account of his...

We adopted three children with disabilities and have never looked back!

Being single and openly lesbian, Alison always knew she’d adopt a child. I had always worked in the special education sector and I wanted to...

Schools and adoption

Rebecca Brooks reveals what a major new report says about the educational experiences of adopted children with SEN

Family ties

Chris Burton talks to an adoptive father about the rewards and challenges of adopting siblings with SEN

What’s it like to be adopted?

Chris Burton talks to a group of young people working to promote greater understanding of the needs of adopted children in school

Book Reviews

Teaching Dyslexic Students: Theory and Practice

Lynn Lovell is head of Professional Practice at the British Dyslexia Association. She has completed an MA in Specific Learning Difficulties with a focus...