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Part of the team

Gobi Ranganathan tells how an inclusive education taught him to deal with his spina bifida and achieve at school and beyond

Campaign to reduce incidence of spina bifida

All sexually active women who might become pregnant are being urged to take the correct dose of folic acid every day to help prevent...

Spina Bifida: beyond the chair and stick

We talk to Emily Steward about living with spina bifida, mainstream schooling, negotiating London in a wheelchair and her time helping the disadvantaged of Uganda

New weapon against spina bifida

New research suggests that a B vitamin called inositol may be able to play a crucial role in the fight to prevent spina bifida. It...

Book Reviews

Parenting Children With ADHD

10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach Dr Monastra, is a clinical psychologist who is internationally recognised for his research on the neurophysiological characteristics of children...