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Seeing the future

Mandie Wright discusses how the right support is helping one blind young learner to adapt to changes in his life

Fighting for inclusion

Malte Faehnders discusses initiatives to support children with disabilities in war ravaged South Sudan

Struggling for support

Help can be hard to find for young people with vision impairment, writes Ryan Compton

Being a “normal” teenager

Student Laura Wilmot tells Anika Backhouse how her visual impairment has helped her forge a strong sense of identity and purpose  

Seeing through my eyes

Daniel Williams details his struggle to come to terms with his visual impairment

Eshan’s story told in RNIB’s new film

Meet Hardeep and his nine-year-old son Eshan in RNIB's new film introducing its specialist schools and residences for children and young people with vision...

A vision of Britain revisited

Sue Keil examines the state of specialist services for visually impaired learners

Meeting complex needs

Steve Rose examines how changes in the law are affecting those who support children with multi-sensory impairments

Making the change

How can we support young people with complex needs to make a positive transition? Fiona Minion and Beverley Samways explain all

A vision of Britain

Sue Keil asks if specialist educational provision for learners with vision impairment is in decline

Book Reviews

Neurodiversity and Education

The authors of this publication combine extensive experience in the fields of education, neurodiversity, teacher training, tutoring and consultancy. Paul Ellis broadcasts regularly on...