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The Benefits of Yoga for SEND Pupils

Children with SEND can benefit massively from yoga, writes Helen Forester. With more than 15% of students in England receiving some form of SEN support,...

Autistic children benefit from dance movement psychotherapy

A new study suggests that autistic children can benefit greatly from Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP), writes Supritha Aithal. The primary focus of the study rested not only on the...

Soft touch

Simple reflexology and massage techniques can  help calm your child Reflexology and massage are great ways of harnessing the calming power of touch to improve...

Every breath you take

For children with SEN and behaviour issues, yoga can strengthen the body and the mind, writes Jo Manuel

A touch of relaxation

Tracey Smith talks to reflexology practitioner Lorraine Senior about how this little known therapy can help prepare pupils for learning 

Knowing the mind

Meditation can help children develop self-awareness and become more resilient and balanced, says Donald Gordon

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