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A sense of belonging

As part of her masters thesis Stefanie Pearce studied the experiences of children who were looked-after or adopted at a trauma-informed school. Eliza attends a...

Fostering a child with autism

Fostering an autistic child can be a rewarding experience, but it does come with challenges, especially as change can be a trigger for difficult behaviour....

Supporting adopted children in school

Jane Poore and Hetty Verhagen provide tips for making school a better experience for adopted children. Most children who are adopted in the UK, were...

Time to care

Fostering is not just vital for children in need, it also offers uniquely rewarding experiences for carers, says Ellie Jones

Adoption and attachment

Early trauma can mar relationships between children and their adoptive parents. Here, a mother tells of two very different little boys, both with attachment disorder

Book Reviews

Parenting Children With ADHD

10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach Dr Monastra, is a clinical psychologist who is internationally recognised for his research on the neurophysiological characteristics of children...