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Don’t take me out again!

Liz Elks offers a range of useful tips to develop speech and language skills in children If we’re not careful children with Speech, Language and...

Decoding SLCN

Jaya Simpson looks at what speech, language and communication needs are and how we can identify them 

Bercow: Ten Years On

A decade after John Bercow’s critical report on SLCN provision, Mandy Grist asks if much has changed

Communicating about communication

Candice Lazarus and Helen Kirk look at the role of speech and language therapists in child mental health

SLCN: the biggest SEN you’ve never heard of

Theresa Redmond outlines some of the main issues affecting children with speech, language and communication needs

Shout out for communication

Chris Hall reviews the Awards celebrating best practice in speech, language and communication

Awards for best practice in SLCN

Innovation and excellent practice in supporting children and young people’s communication development were celebrated at the 2015 Shine a Light Awards ceremony in September....

More than just talking

Emma Sterland
shares some useful tips on how to communicate with people who are non-verbal

Communication breakdown

We need to re-write the lteracy story for children with SEN, writes Virginia Beardshaw

Aiding the transition

Kate Duggan looks at how the right communication aid can help students as they move beyond school 

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