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Local authorities should do their SEN duty

Local authorities should be proactive in identifying and supporting children with SEN and disabilities, writes Erin Smart

Do the DfE’s SEN figures add up?

Changes in the numbers of people on the SEN register might not be all that they seem Every year the DfE publishes SEN and disability...

The big decision

Bernadette John outlines key things to consider when choosing a school for a child with SEN

The secret system

Emilie-Kate Kidd describes her tussle with the local authority to find the right school for her child with learning disabilities

Report reveals systemic failings in SEN system

Mainstream schools are struggling to support the 1.1 million pupils with SEN or disabilities in England, says a new report from The Key. More than...

Changing schools

Laxmi Patel outlines the different types of education placements available for children with SEN

System failure

Councils are floundering as they struggle to put SEN reforms into practice, says Ed Duff 

Youth work failing disabled young people

Youth services are not adequately catering for the needs of those with disabilities, according to a new report by Ofsted. The survey says that...

Money for old rope

In the last of a series of articles, a parent, “Embers”, questions whether the local authority ever really understood his sons’ learning needs

Focus on: SEN casework officers

Ian Palmer explores the world of the SEN casework officer

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