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SEN legal Q&A: the local offer

Continuing his series for SEN Magazine, specialist SEN solicitor Douglas Silas answers questions about the “local offer”

SEN legal Q&A: the new SEN system

Specialist SEN solicitor Douglas Silas answers key questions about the new SEN system

SEN Code of Practice: a question of delivery

Shadow Children’s Minister Steve McCabe fears the new SEN Code of Practice may be high on aspiration but low on delivery

Will power

Christine Thornley explains how making a will can help families protect their child with SEN

How to complain about schools

 Martha Evans looks at how parents can seek redress if they are unhappy about issues at school

School exclusions and the law

Anita Chopra examines the legal implications of excluding pupils from school

A change is gonna come

The Government has announced its plans for major SEN reform. Here, Jane McConnell looks at how the law is going to change and what it all means for SEN provision

Legal help for autistic

Those with autism who feel their rights are been denied should have greater recourse to legal redress following the introduction of a new Autism...

Failing to look after the “looked after” Loopholes in the SEN...

Current education law ignores the rights of those most in need of its protection, says Ali Fiddy, Solicitor of the Children’s Legal Centre

Book Reviews

Parenting Children With ADHD

10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach Dr Monastra, is a clinical psychologist who is internationally recognised for his research on the neurophysiological characteristics of children...