Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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SEN119: July/August 2022

Read SEN Magazine SEN119: July/August 2022 here The English SEND Review comes in for some stick in this issue, as Warren Carrett lets off steam...

Changing the narrative, one word at a time

Lucy Plunkett on writing for children with SEN. Never more so than now, with reports that the number of referrals to mental health services for...

Why Teaching Children to Read is Not the Answer

Bambi Gardiner, founder of Oaka books, discusses the benefits of developing and publishing resources designed specifically for dyslexic children. Literacy is the foundation that the...

Turning a page

Mary Mountstephen examines current trends in SEN publishing and asks how print is faring in the digital age

Rewriting the literary landscape

Children’s literature needs a reality check, writes Neelam Dongha

Who’s on your bookshelves?

Alexandra Strick and Beth Cox look at how we can ensure children’s books reflect the real experiences of kids

A decade of change

Gill Budgell looks at how SEN publishers are adapting to embrace new technologies and meet changing educational demands

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