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It’s not all about swearing

Dr Mandy Barnett explains the wider implications of Tourette's Syndrome. Tourette's syndrome (TS) is a much misunderstood and misrepresented condition. It is more common than...

It’s NOT All About Swearing:

A Practical Guide to Tourette's Syndrome for Parents in a Post-Pandemic World Dr Mandy Barnett is the mother of a boy and a girl who...

SEN117 : March/April 2022

Read SEN Magazine SEN117: March/April 2022 here As we await the upcoming and, hopefully, comprehensive SEND review, it is reassuring to know that Members of...

The Lone SENDCO: Questions and Answers For the Busy SENDCO

Gary Aubin is director of SEND for a multi academy trust, having worked as a SENDCO in mainstream primary and secondary schools, where he...

Don’t panic!

Pupils with Tourette’s just need the right support, not fear and misunderstanding, writes Suzanne Dobson

Tourette’s unwrapped

Suzanne Dobson explores the relationships between Tourette’s and common SEN conditions

Understanding Tourette’s

Tara Murphy and Fiona McFarlane explain how Tourette’s affects children, how to live with it and what the treatments are

“But Miss, I’ve got Tourette’s!”

Ruth Wadman and Georgina Jackson discuss the problems pupils with Tourette’s face in the classroom, and what schools can do to help

Young people speak out on Tourette’s

Young people with Tourette’s syndrome recently joined parents and teachers to take part in a study of how the condition affects students in secondary...

On the tic

Suzanne Dobson looks at how Tourette’s affects pupils and what schools can do to help

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Neurodiversity and Education

The authors of this publication combine extensive experience in the fields of education, neurodiversity, teacher training, tutoring and consultancy. Paul Ellis broadcasts regularly on...