Music therapy for Bethlehem orphans


A UK lecturer will spend six weeks at the SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem teaching social workers, teachers and other carers how to use music creatively and therapeutically.

Liz Coombes, of University of Wales, Newport, will be working as part of a project run by Music as Therapy International, a UK registered charity whose focus is to develop the use of music as a means to relieve those living in conditions of need, hardship or distress, suffering from mental or physical disability and the effects of poverty or sickness.

“I’m really looking forward to working on this project” said Liz “…The SOS Children’s Village provides a home to children caught up in the conflict in Palestine. Having dealt with many years of violence, they need an outlet through which they can express themselves positively and in a non-violent manner as they experience behavioural problems such as extreme anxiety and abandonment issues. Using music therapeutically in groups and with individuals can help children explore their difficulties safely and creatively.”

SEN News Team
Author: SEN News Team

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