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Music therapy and PMLD

Through a description of her work, Madeline Aslan gives valuable insights into the wide ranging benefits of music therapy for children and young people with PMLD. Many...

SEN115 : November/December 2021

Read SEN Magazine SEN115: November/December 2021 here   Slowly but surely, the school routine is getting back to an approximation of normality. But for some,...

New potential: music therapy for juvenile dementia

Professor Adam Ockelford talks about the crucial role of music in the lives of children with juvenile dementia.  Dementia in children is rare, but when...

Breaking down barriers

Victoria Doxat explores the wide-ranging benefits of playing musical instruments for children with autism and SPD

Music in mind

Simon Procter reveals how music therapy can provide a vital form of expression for troubled pupils  

Transforming lives through music

When it comes to engaging children with special needs, music therapy strikes the right chord, says Fraser Simpson

Therapy of real note

Amelia Oldfield looks at how music can make a major difference to troubled lives

Music therapy for Bethlehem orphans

A UK lecturer will spend six weeks at the SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem teaching social workers, teachers and other carers how to use...

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