Learning Through Movement and Active Play in The Early Years


Written by T. Swift
Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-78492-085-1
Price: £14.99

The author of this book is the founder of ‘B Inspired’, a training and consultancy company for practitioners who are involved in delivering programmes of physical activity. She sets out to explore how movement and active play underpin and support physical development, as well as learning, social and emotional development and believes that young children should be on the move most of the day. The text is intended to be inclusive in terms of being accessible to ‘all’ children and is based on good practice, and the author’s experience of working with children in a range of settings. She provides some guidance in the differentiation of activities.

Swift makes the case for physical activity being appreciated not only in the context of promoting a healthy lifestyle, but also for its effectiveness as a learning tool.Topics include physical Development. mathematics and numeracy, expressive arts,  risk taking and risky play and physical activity ideas

Each of the concise chapters include ‘Top Tips’, lists of resources and accessible descriptions of the best ways for children to develop effectively. She details many physical activity ideas and provides links to resources that are available on her website.

This book clearly demonstrates the author’s passion for the creative use of the environment to develop children’s well-being , confidence and active engagement in learning.

Mary Mountstephen
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