Square Pegs: Inclusivity, Compassion and Fitting In, A Guide For Schools


Fran Morgan founded Square Peg in 2019, following her own daughter’s struggles in the education system. She was joined by Ellie Costello in 2020, with experience as a parent of children with underlying needs. She now runs the organisation, as well as working with local authorities and health teams. Ian Gilbert has been an advocate of change in the education system for many years, alongside his Independent Thinking associates.

The book is set out in five parts, covering insights into individual cases, legal issues, relationships, mental health and alternative options.

Chapters include:

  • Show Me You Know Me
  • School Attendance Problems and Barriers
  • The Neurobiology of Learning
  • The Serious Business of Play
  • Lessons from Youthwork

The list of over fifty contributors includes some very well-known and highly respected experts from diverse professional backgrounds such as education, social work, clinical practice, business, mental health and the media.As a result of this, the book provides the reader with links to a wide range of resources, references and interventions.

The authors and their contributors champion the needs of all children who are ‘square pegs’ and write with passion about the ways in which the school system often fails to meet their needs and to recognise their strengths.The book provides  personal and professional insights into an alternative, positive vision of education.

Authors: F. Morgan with E. Costello
Edited by: I. Gilbert
Publisher: independent thinking press
ISBN: 978-178135410-0

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