A Moon on Water: Activities, Games and Stories for Developing Children’s Spiritual Intelligence


This book is a treasure trove of resources that can be used to mix and match individual lessons, supported by two CD’s that contain audio copies of the stories (accompanied by music) and a resources CD with printable activities. It is a collaboration between authors that provides ways to integrate spirituality through the medium of a wide variety of stories for all ages that are drawn from different cultures and belief systems. As such, it supports diversity and creative ways to address the nature of beliefs, values and ethics. 

Chapters include ‘Endeavouring to make sense of what we don’t understand’, ‘Discovering Self’, ‘A Sense of Awe and Wonder’ and ‘Self Expression’.

Whereas some teachers might feel uncomfortable with the inclusion of spirituality in their programmes, there is much in this book that addresses more general concepts such as discovering talents, nature as a source of inspiration and overcoming fear.

The book follows a common structure that makes it easy to navigate and to make links from one story or activity to others. It’s a workbook that brings ancient traditions and wisdoms up to date in creative and inspiring ways.

Authors: R. Leighton, T. Lee, T. Harding & S. Bowkett.Publisher: Crown House Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-84590-392-3. Price:£24.99.

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