Understanding and Supporting Children with Literacy Difficulties: An Evidence-Based Guide for Practitioners


Dr Muter is a clinical and research psychologist with a special interest in children’s early cognitive development, particularly in relation to language and literacy. In this book she reflects on her academic and practitioner interests within the field of literacy disorders. 

Chapters include:

  • The Development of Literacy Skills
  • When Literacy Development Goes Wrong
  • Assessment and Formulation of Literacy Difficulties
  • Assessing Children with Co-occurring Difficulties
  • Extreme Prematurity: A Neurological Risk Factor

In addition to covering a wide range of topics, Dr Muter also includes a dozen recommended  books on literacy disorders, information about support and resources, as well as  a list of professional organisations. 

This is a very readable book, drawing on case-studies, detailing assessments and developing diagnostic formulations. The guidance she provides will be of great value to those working with children with literacy difficulties and supporting them to achieve their full potential. 

Author: Dr Valerie Muter
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-78775-057-9
Price: £16.99

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